Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.


at the end of the day…  you are your longest commitment

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Now offering Pelvic Floor Rehab!

Have you ever felt that you did not receive enough time with your physical therapist at a traditional physical therapy clinic? Did you feel as though you were treated like a number, or a diagnosis, not as an individual? You can do better for your health.

Welcome to Epperson Physical Therapy

We created Epperson Physical Therapy to provide a space for INDIVIDUAL sessions with your provider in order to achieve superior results. With the model that we have designed, we are able to spend more time with you which decreases visit frequency and overall number of sessions.

Professional Physical Therapy

Certified Personal Training

What others are saying …

Client Testimonial

“Shauna is by far the most knowledgeable and attentive practitioner I know. She did an amazing job helping me recover from various injuries related to distance running, ultimately leading to my ability to finish my first half marathon… followed by many more successful races! I can’t express enough how effective and careful Shauna’s technique and treatment plans are. She brings compassion, dedication, and kindness to her treatment that won’t leave you disappointed!”


Client Testimonial

“When I started with Shauna, my care had been badly mismanaged by an inept therapist. I had lost invaluable healing time. I was afraid to work with another therapist. Shauna worked with me diligently and properly. Consequently, my elbow and shoulder have healed 100%… after suffering three breaks!

There is no one more qualified and hardworking than Shauna.”


Physical Therapy

Personal Training

Epperson Physical Therapy helps you return to your favorite activities

Movement is medicine! If you move well, you feel well, and you'll live well.

Recent Updates

At Epperson PT our standards are high! All sessions are 1:1 with your physical therapy provider with ADVANCED training in orthopedic neuromuscular and pelvic floor evaluation and treatment techniques.

We will quickly identify the root cause of your problem and utilize treatment options that are backed by advanced medical science so you can achieve better and longer lasting results.